Essential oils have an assortment of uses and benefits, so use Vetiver Essential Oil in your everyday life as a remedy and a natural medicine! This oil makes an excellent fixative, and it is sometimes used for relieving stress, insomnia, nervousness, and has the added benefit of repelling insects


Wash your hands in our super bubbly foaming hand soap. This soap is based on coconut oil and does not dry your skin out. Our full foaming soap promotes clean hands with a great after smell. Our soap has some hydration made with it but the soap and water wash away a lot of the hydration, so we recommend that you follow up with our whipped body butter or our body oil to lock moisture into your hands.


The ingredients that we combine to create our Foaming Hand Soap are made with coconut oil and lye soap that creates the cleaning agent.


If you have any allergies to any of these know products that are used in this oil you can request a custom order. Please leave in the notes upon check out.

Temptation Hand Soap 1oz (fragranced with Veviter)

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