Vetiver: Essential oils have an assortment of uses and benefits, so use Vetiver Essential Oil in your everyday life as a remedy and a natural medicine! This oil makes an excellent fixative, and it is sometimes used for relieving stress, insomnia, nervousness, and has the added benefit of repelling insects


Our Submerge bath soak is a olive oil based soak. It has Olive Oil, sea salt, baking soda and fragrance oil added. Our soaks are safe enough to use in your daily bath routine. Our soaks promote a relaxing spa like feeling. Apply 2 to 3 of our spoon full to your warm bath. Soaking in a warm bath helps promote circulation and soothes the muscles after a long day. Relax in our signature bath soak. Enjoy our spa like quality with some invigorating scents to help you relax after a full day.

How to use: Apply 2 to 3 spoon full to running bath and soak up to 20 mins for the full effects of relaxations, and muscle relief. Our product can be used daily or weekly depends on your self-care routines.


The ingredients that we combine to create our Exfoliate Sugar Scrubs are Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E.


If you have any allergies to any of these know products that are used in this oil you can request a custom order. Please leave in the notes upon check out.


Temptation Bath Soak 4 oz (fragranced with Veviter)

    • Some Benefits are:

    muscle pain and stiffness
    stiff, aching joints
    circulation problems
    anxiety and stress
    skin conditions, such as eczema
    dry and itchy skin
    The best use for our product:
    Use 2 to 3 spoon full under running bath water. Allow to dissolve in the bath and soak for 15 -20 mins.

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