You will enjoy shaving with our hyrating shave soap that can be used for men or women. All of our shave soaps come in 2 in round containers which makes it easy to keep the sopa build up out of your shower. 

You will enjoy our hand and bar soap. It is very hydrating that can be used for men or women with daily bathing. All of our soaps comes in different shapes and different fragrances. Make sure you stock up on your favorite scents. 

Apply our moisturing body oil to your skin daily. Apply our body oil after showering or bathing daily to trap the moisture into your skin. This daily routine ensures your body full hydration all day. 

Pamper Kit

  • Our bar soaps provide a great lather for cleaning and shaving purposes. Put our soaps inside your hand and rub until you get the lather that is needed to clean your skin.

    Our spay on oil provides a great amount of hydration to the skin without leaving you greasy. Spray on the amount that is needed to that areas and rub the oil into the skin.  


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