A story of Hydrate

Meet Quiana

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Hi I'm Quiana, as the owner and creator of Hydrate by Q, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to explore my products. It is a pleasure to be able to help others feel as pretty and special as I feel daily. I started this line for myself and my family. A few years ago I went on a journey to create my own bath products because I was struggling to figure our the right products to introduce to my family. With a family of 5 and all having very different skin types ranging from very sensitive skin to very dry skin and each one of them struggling with some type of skin condition at one time or another, I knew we had to make a change.  I began researching various products that were not only great for cleaning but also for moisturizing and needless to say, I was unsuccessful in finding a product that fit my families needs! This is how Hydrate by Q began.

I researched and tried various products, no matter what we tried they left our skin feeling dry and deflated. I noticed that the majority of the products were water-based and were not all natural so, I decided that I could make my own products to fit each of my family members needs. When I started making these products over 3yrs ago I never imagined that this is where I would be. I started out with a oatmeal and Shea butter based soap and Shea whipped body butter. These products are still on my go-to list and the foundation of my business. Over the years, I began to add and create other products such as; body soaks, sugar scrubs, body oils, and many more. I felt if I could help fix my families skin issues naturally then I needed to relax as if I were in a spa at the end of the day! My collection now include spa like treatments that help you to submerge and exfoliate while relaxing (without breaking the bank). So you may be wondering how did I go from helping my family to helping yours? The answer is simple, I was constantly getting compliments of not only the smells of the products but also how hydrating they were. The conversations turned from compliments to requests and from family members to strangers on the street! Ok, so that's when it hit me, why not offer my products to the all of you and help your families feel and smell the same way that my family was feeling. Then we had to give it a name...Hydrate by Q. All of my products are designed to moisturize 'Hydrate' and I am Quiana 'Q', so there you have it Hydrate by Q!!!

What you will find in Hydrate by Q is a multitude of products and scents, for all skin types and for all seasons!  We also have options for non-fragranced products, just look for the all natural non-fragrant section on the website.  All of the products are all natural, homemade and not tested on animals. This has been a great journey for me and my family and I am looking forward to hearing your stories of how your family enjoys Hydrate by Q! 

Thank your for supporting Hydrate by Q!